Amy B

Hello and Welcome,

If you know me through yoga you are most likely a South Bay local as I have been blessed to have some of the best original teachers of yoga and to carry on this tradition to you so you may also choose to share yoga in your own way.

Before March 2020 I have been facilitating regular studio yoga classes and personal yoga along with meditation and sound baths since 2008.  I plan on carrying out this journey of sharing yoga yet it's a time where we had a mandatory break up due to Covid and now a time to see we aren't out of the woods yet, but ways to cultivate togetherness in safe ways and similar means we are used to.

With this I am testing a few small classes of paddle board yoga with some scheduled classes and an opportunity for you to create your own small group.  If you'd like to gather a few friends for a session at a better time and date I would love it!  It's about $45 per person if you create your own group of 6 this includes equipment rental and instructor along with a delightful time with Mother Nature.