Amy is a dedicated Professional Athlete, Yoga Teacher, and Meditation Instructor on a mission to help people harness their limitless potential for their greater good. Infinitely passionate about her craft, she tactfully entwines the power of meditation and sound healing to assist in her client’s total-life transformation. Her yoga classes are not only energizing and empowering, they are transformative on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Throughout the span of nearly two decades, Amy has studied the art of metaphysics extensively. Within that time, she has trained various prominent teams, including the LA Kings Hockey Team.  

Indy Rishi Singh is a wellbeing engineer, intergarting Eastern and Western modaliites of health and science to leran the secrets of long life, happiness and personal evolution.  He has studied with accomplished psychiatrists yogis, scientists, Gurus, academ,ic researchers, shamans , and renowned storytellers.

Skip Jennings is a CPT, ALSP, Transformational Life Coach and licensed spiritual counselor, radio host of The Shift With Skip and owner of Mind, Body, and Spirit Solutions LLC.  For over 20+ years Skip has helped his clients realize their highest physical and spiritual heights both nationally and internationally.

In addition, Skip Jennings is a motivational/inspirational speaker and has been blessed to speak throughout the world for: Equinox, Sara City Workouts, Crunch Fitness, Can Fit Pro, 24 Hour Fitness, IRHSA and others.

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VibethrU brings the proven benefits of sound healing to the public in an approachable, relaxed manner. This process of guided yoga meditation using imagery, combined with audio tones from quartz crystal bowls provides a healing aspect from the vibrational frequencies to help repair damaged tissue cells within the mind & body. The sound bath helps people to actually switch “states of the mind” to promote relaxation, healing and clarity, valuable for coping with stress and removing creative blocks allowing people to reach their full potential.  

Hello, my name is Fabian and I'm here to serve as a guide on your journey. As a Lifestyle Coach, Sound Guide and Artist, I have chosen to live a life full of passions with the intention of sharing it with you. Let us work together. I have created the Integrative Lifestyle program as a guide to uncovering life's passions in the pursuit of a fully connected way of living. 

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